Unlock new flavours, explore new tastes, enjoy the experience of pairing food and tea.

Tea is the cornerstone of our new approach to the fine dining experience. We’ve tasted, tested and cooked with teas from around the world to develop our unique dishes and tea pairing menu.


We’ve chosen Ronnefeldt as our tea supplier. Their commitment to premium quality teas and a handcrafted process ensures we are able to deliver the finest flavours to your palate.

This is a selection of some teas we have chosen for our food pairing menu, as well as for use in our kitchen.

Spring Darjeeling


An Indian black tea from the southern slopes of the Himalayas. This first plucking delivers a typical first flush Darjeeling. It’s sparkling, aromatic and flowery.

Masala Chai


A fragranced black tea that blends classic Indian spices with a traditional black tea. It’s a journey through the exotic flavours of India. Masala Chai is typically enjoyed with milk and sugar.

Taiwan Ti Dung


Taiwan is the home of Oolong Tea. This Ti Dung is an exceptional Oolong with a jade-green cup colour and fruit and nut flavour notes. Its gentle peach fragrance tantalises the senses.

Nepal Jun Chiyabari


A taster’s choice black tea from the “Roof of the World”, the Himalayas. This tea is original, natural and full of fresh flavour.

Matcha Horai Organic


Matcha is known as the tea of teas. The fine, green powder is used for the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. The smooth taste and texture of Matcha is created by stripping all the fine stems and veins from the leaves, before drying and carefully grinding them with granite mill wheels.

Rooibos Chocolate Truffle


A South African red tea from our luxury composition. This Rooibos has a delicate taste of vanilla with sweet chocolate truffle notes. Enjoy the pleasure of fine chocolate without the guilt.